Is the Update Out Yet!?

I thought it was going to be out today, but I haven't seen it posted yet.


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It's not out yet. They may be waiting until tomorrow or something. Not sure.

If your talking about the pre-order classic costumes yeah it is - got it last night from the dash board - when trying through the game afterwards it said there was nothing - not sure if it's cause I downloaded already or not. But look for it through dash board way just in case.

I thought we were getting "Lady in Red" & Kenshi with this pack but it was only the costumes & classic Fatals (I already had Reptile from my pre-order)  guess be paying some more for other characters instead of coming in packs.

No, he's talking about the patch. The costumes are DLC, not an update. I've read notes on it but I don't know if they're true or anything. I can only really say if they are after it gets released.

Just NRS dropping the ball again.  What a pitiful company.  They made a great game that is broken in so many ways.  I'll wait impatiently because I have no choice.  I'm not going to waste my money on DLC for a game that gets such poor support.    

I'm fairly certain they're just waiting to do it tomorrow. They probably had to get some feedback on it first instead of just rushing it out the door. Patches that shoved out as fast as possible usually hurt the game more than fix it. Also, they're fixing a few characters with it too, I'm sure.

Did you really say rushing it out the door. LMFAO.  This game has been out over 6 weeks now.  

Yet, they have other matters to attend to and want the game to play well in other aspects too. I don't get why you're so upset. So the patch may be tomorrow, is that really that much of a deal breaker? I'm not sure how not buying DLC will make it come any sooner.

I don't understand people that defend companies like this.  Today's DLC is crap anyways.  I wouldn't buy it if the game ran like butter online.  Pallet skins and a few fatalities for $5 is a joke in its own.  I'm talking about Skarlet and other characters down the road.  I wouldn't be surprised if the patch doesn't help the lag.  Your right let's be happy to wait longer.  

What does the patch cover? And also, I know this is xbox but does anybody know what's up with the dlc for ps3. I have MK on my xbox but my brother has it for ps3 and is bugging me about it.

   Okay, these notes are "firm" and scheduled to hit this Tuesday. Mind you that this is not the full list or may not be the full list and to keep an eye on for them to release the full list officially in due time. [user]Tom Brady[/user] has given us a list that he is aware of that may or may not contain every "note" and here it is:


   1. KL spin will ahve 6 more recovery frames on block

   2. KL hat loop removed

   3. kabal block infinite removed

   4. sonya block infinite removed

   5. various bugs fixed

   6. wake up moves punishing certain characters after a ground breaker removed

   7. stryker xray punsihed on hit fixed

   8. advantage on cyrax command throw lessoned

   9. cyrax command throw break changed from 2 frame windown to 10 frame window

   11. sindel able to scream after 21 now and able t juggle with b3~scream

   12. smoke bomb otg removed

   13. cyber sub bomb has a smaller buffer window

   14. jax ex dash punch goes farther and has armor.

   15. jax has a gp fake

   16. quan chi sky drop adv lessoned

   17. quan chi reset after trance removed

   18. quan chi skeletal boost after trance trade removed

   19. quan chi can now move after trance

   20. raiden no longer has adv after b312 and 334 are blocked. he is now at -1

   Tweaks coming a few hours after the patch:

   1. sonya cannot link military stance after d4

   2. sonya dive kick inf removed

   3. kabal cannot link dash after d4

   4. KL infinite removed

   5. kano up ball is now more disadv on block

   6. more various bugs fixed

   Also, Improved netplay*

   Credit: Tom Brady

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