Is the ranking system broken?

I'm a calm and quiet and peaceful gamer that likes to play games to relax, relieve stress, and have a grand ol' time of fun. However, this game makes my blood boil and want to snap my controller in half.

I have been playing this game for months and have learned the ins and outs of the game's mechanics as well as each of the characters, but I can't seem to ever get past rank 4. Every night that I attempt to play this game, I inevitably fail and end up losing ranks back to 1. It seems that the system is set up so that if you're going to have a rank-up match, you're going to end up fighting someone who's at least 10+ ranks higher than you... Not only that, but if you're going to have a rank-down match, generally speaking, the same exact thing happens. Please tell me how exactly that's even fair? Now, I can understand the need for a challenge, but 10+ ranks higher during a rank-up match? That's not a challenge - it's a slaughter. It should be 2-3 ranks higher - that's a suitable challenge. The matchmaking for this game's ranked fights seems to be rigged IMO and needs to be fixed ASAP or I'm liable to break something.

I was ranked in the top 150 players world-wide for Mortal Kombat (using Sheeva and Baraka), the top 50 best Dhalsim players in the U.S. for Super Street Fighter 4, as well as in the top 200 best players world-wide for Injustice: Gods Among US (in the top 10 among Lex players) and I just can't seem to wrap my head around just how broken KI's ranked system is. It's just so frustrating... :(


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You've been unlucky, there isn't a mechanic that matches you with higher ranked players for rank change matches.

If you can't rank up it's not the ranking system that's the problem it's how you're playing. Even if you fight a rank 10 levels above you, the points you lose from it is marginal. I've lost to someone 10-15 ranks above me on a rank up match, then went into the next match and it was still a rank up match because i barely lost any points.

I say this coming from some one who couldn't get past rank 4 and was doing the 1-4-1 shuffle as well. I kept playing and then finally made it to rank 5. You basically just need to keep putting in time and learn you character more.  

From my experience (between levels 1-4 that is), it's always been about a difference of 3 wins or losses. In essence, you need 3 straight wins to rank up or 3 straight losses to rank down. Otherwise, your rank remains unchanged.

To be fair, I know how to use the characters and perform their combos (I can get 70% damage easily with Thunder). My biggest weakness is reading my opponent to do the appropriate counter-breaker. I know how to do it, but I'm still adjusting to knowing whether I should be pressing light, medium, or heavy and often get locked out as a result. Also, my block doesn't always seem to work, even when I press it in time - I particularly hate how you have to press down and back to block low. I'm used to just pressing down to block low (which is how I wish it would work).

Not to set you up or soo but are you sure that you have the ins and outs under control?

Haven't been online for a month because Im waiting for the Fulgore patch but normaly you shouldn't have any problems to reach rank 5 to 7 if you really know the ins and outs of the game.

Also do not get demotivated because someone is 10 ranks higher then you some of them got there by ragequiting and are actually not that good.

It is stil possible to encounter them it just depends how much they went online after the jail system.

Edit = Whoop never mind,forgot to scrol down ;)

As what Benemobious it said, it sounds like you've had the unfortunate luck of the draw.

I think what you should consider is this:

1. Rank doesn't mean s**t!- Rank doesn't really mean a lot when it comes to stuff. For all we know the high ranker might of quit a bunch of times or maybe after so many losses finally got to where they are.

You should always consider your opponent's strengths once you actually fight them, however it is easy to get intimidated. I've come across high ranking guys including a "Widow Maker" and I wasn't certain how I was going to do myself. I was able to catch onto his tactics though, even though he was an AMAZING I was two hits away from being defeated and he had a lot more health than I before I was able to lay the smack down that snatched me victory.

2. Knowing the mechanics of the game is one thing, but it's a WHOLE other thing of know when to use that knowledge. Getting an understanding of the characters your opponents us is another example and knowing what you should do to avoid giving them an advantage.

  Example: NEVER EVER THROW A SUPER MOVE FROM A REACTABLE DISTANCE AGAINST SPINAL, NEVER EVER EVER! instead get in close and do some normal, and be carful jumping up you can get hit with a wake up attack.

Another trick to the trade is to know your opponents habits as quickly as possible without your opponent knowing yours to quickly.

I've survived a Widow Maker when I was only a rank 4 but honestly my stats was reset so yeah.

That's about as much as I can do to help I hope this is helpful.

As you get more pts from playing against higher ranks, you will actually find that your rank up matches come more often against them. Not because it matches you against them purposely just because that's the amount of pts you need to rank up.

The opposite can be said for rank down matches.

I play rank mode last night and i past the rank 1 to 13 easy.

You are just poor at KI that it dude,

NoTron, your post doesn't help at all. If you can't  say something nice or useful, don't say anything at all.

As for everyone else - thanks. Still stuck at rank 4 though... :(

I'm learning very quickly that I have a tendency to try to counter-attack and get locked out a lot as a result - that's probably my biggest weakness (not necessarily what I said before - I'm getting much better at reading my opponent). I know how to use combo-breakers, but don't often get a chance to use it because of this weakness - I'm working on breaking this bad habit.

There are still some issues that I have with this game though:
1) The aforementioned low-blocking.
2) My wake-ups always seem to fail.
3) I will often fail a combo-breaker despite having a correct read and timing (my guess is lag).
4) Game-breaking stage glitches (notably with the Spinal and Jago stages).
5) Rage-quitters and boosters.
6) Timing of manuals and combo-breaking shadow attacks.

My name is inotron,

Dont break all the time if you want some win and practic more this game is easy dude

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