is the HD pack only for campaign modes, or does it affect online graphics as well?

Just curious as I've just placed an order for a HDD, and if it doesn't have any roll in online multiplayer play, then I'd rather just cancel it. 


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It's for both and is optional. There's a couple of comparison videos doing the rounds that shows the difference between the two.

yea, apparently the 1st disc is all game and the second disc is all graphics. and without the graphics pack installed its not HD, its a SD game. it's really needed if you want the best experience.

heres the comparison video [View:]

I saw the videos, was just curious if it affected only the co-op and single player campaigns and not the online multiplayer

Wow there is deffinately a big difference in using the pack.

you should see what an  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 does for the graphics....another world.

. I thought, even with the xbox texture pack installed, it would look a lot looks unfinished.

no bad gameplay and sound effects all the same

Does anyone know where i can find the option to install the texture pack? i know it automatically pops up when you first start the campaign, but i transferred my data to a newer xbox and it didnt ask me or have an option to installing it... its a MW3 xbox so its not a hard drive space issue...

Nevermind, i got it. Had to delete and reinstall everything.