Is the game good and worth downloading?

Is the game good and worth downloading?
I remember I really loved it on PS2 and now it was in HD ..
Is the quality really has improved or stayed the same quality she?
Thank .


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I think it's definitely worth the 20 bucks. The graphics aren't that much better, though. Much if not most of the graphical improvement I attribute to the better setup, i.e. playing the game on an LCD TV connected to the console via HDMI and not a CRT with SCART.


But that doesn't mean that there aren't any real improvemenst; the graphics are more colorful, some character portraits/icons have changed, it's not as dark in some places as it used to be (which doesn't mean it's bright enough to see without a light source), and of course the game now supports 16:9 aspect ratio.


All in all I'd say that RE:CVX is definitely worth it, even more so if you've played and liked it on the Dreamcast and/or PS2. And might I suggest getting RE4 as well? They're both great games I'm extremely happy to play on my xbox. =)

I'd have to agree and say it's well worth the money. After reading a few threads from a lot of haters I still couldn't resist downloading it as it's still a great game even by today’s standards. Compelling story-line, tense moments of not wanting to walk down that dark corridor and of cause that nostalgic feeling! Just seeing the typewriter brought back a million memories. To put it in perspective, I'd never played CVX and it was addictive enough for me to spend the time to complete it twice and get A ranks with all 5 characters in the battle game.

I Agree with DigitalAssassin, This is a hardcore Survival HORROR GAME For Hardcore motherfu ckers like me, if you softcore go play Dead Space 2 or some crap, but youll find us Hardcore playing that old school Hardcore sh1 t

Yes, it is good and worth downloading.

Its deffo worth getting purely for the nostalgic feeling whenever you play it xD the HD is just a bit smoothed off graphics from the original but still decent.

I originally played code Veronica on dreamcast in the year 2000 back when I was 17. Definitely a great game to have in the library. It's a great example of the traditional gameplay of the classic resident evils. A pacing suspenseful. Survival horror.

it must have if you are a little better than before.I cant wait for next one that coming out.will be nice to have on one console.