Is the balance broken now?

I was co-oping in anor londo for a long time yesterday, and needless to say I was invaded a good amount of times while in another players world. People were invading with Artorias' armor and it seems like they were taking almost no damage with it equipped, even with strong miracles like wrath of the gods when I have 30 faith (I was in the low 40s SL range)


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Artorias' armor isn't even that great. Its easily outclassed by the elite knight set and similar sets.

I don't know what the deal is then. People invade and I can usually kill them fairly quick with any one of my miracles and +9 divine sunlight straight sword. Then, every time someone invades with Artorias' armor equipped, they just tank everything. Like I said, I'm a level 43 with a faith of 30, so my faith is pretty high for the level I'm at.

Don't know what to tell you, maybe they're modders.

Does it have high magic resistance? Thats what I'm thinking now, because I read up on different peoples opinion's about the armor. It seems like it sort of fits Artorias' style, as in it doesn't provide amazing physical protection, but has higher than normal elemental and is slightly lighter so you can be a "fast heavy". I also read that Ornstien's armor is basically the better version of his.

Not particularly high magic defense.

Maybe they were pumping Vitality? But why would they have that much at low level 40s?