Is posting spoilers and answering questions before release date not allowed?

I have the game at the moment so I was wondering if I could talk about it here.

The store that sold it was reported and will be punished before anyone asks if they can still pick it up.


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Im sure its not against the rules.  If you are going to give away story info, could you please label it as SPOILERS beforehand so some of us know not to read that part.

As for some questions: How does it look?*  How are the controls?*

*stole from fuzzyearlobes post in another thread

Just make sure you post "spoiler" if you do decide to discuss plot details etc...and no, you cant get banned for having a legitimately purchased game early, no matter what anyone says.  

If the company see's that you're posting spoilers before the game launch they'll contact Xbox to have your post deleted. Yea the others are right above but please wait for Oct. 4th. If I happen to catch spoilers before the 4th I'll have thread deleted by a mod.

hows the game is it woth the 65 bucks

@H20 Acidic:  One simple question from me.  Do you feel as if you are getting the bang for your buck?

Single Player yes, MP No, unless you just co-op.

So give us a overall review.

How many hours have either one of you put into the game? High replay value?