Is my xb1 going out or somthing?

Hello all, first things first, my set top box is a Cisco cis430 and my provider is LUS fiber.  My TV is an LG somthing or rather, it probably doesn't matter...

So, I use to have my cable come in, then out via hdmi to the xb1 then out to tv via hdmi.  I started having problems where shows that were scheduled to record would record in multiple section and i'd usually lose a minute or so between sections.  

Sometimes when I turn my Xb1 on it would turn on the tv, stb, and audio receiver only to show a lost signal message on the screen.  When it did this occasionally I use to unplug the hdmi from the xb1 and plug it back in and it would catch the signal and all were happy.  For the last couple of months this fix hasn't worked.  When it happened, and it started happening more and more, I'd have to hard reset the cable box which was a 5 min process.  

Lastly, that I remember right now, all the menus when navigating my stb was really slow.  Like 20 sec for recorded programs screen to pop up after the button was pushed.

To fix all this I thought my problem was in my stb since it was up stream and since recordings are messing up xb1 shouldn't have anything to do with that.  I had the cable guy come out and check the lines thoroughly and swap out the stb before he left.  Everything was supposed to be cool, but it kept happening.

I finally took xb1 out of the loop for tv by running cable into stb, then straight to tv via hdmi.  When I power up the xb1, it still turns on the stb, tv, and audio reciever.  I haven't had a problem with the recording or power up issues yet and it's been over a week. 

The only wierd thing now is if I play a game by changing my TV input to the xb1 hdmi, after i switch back to tv input, about an hour later everything shuts off.  I guess this is due to 'inactivity' as far as the xb1 is concerned.

Oh, and every now and then my kinect won't power up.  If I unplug it from behind the xb1 and reconnect it, it will once again turn on.  Full disclosure, it has always done this since since I've had it (day one).  ...not sure if it actually did it on day one, i'm just saying it's always done this.

Any thoughts? ??


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