Is modding on Single player games allowed?

Hey, im usally a PC gamer and play alot of Oblivion on it, and if anyone has played Oblivion on PC, you would know that Modding is a big part of the game and is 100% allowed. However Iv'e recently broken my labtop and have got to make use of an Xbox 360 i got awhile back, so my question is: Is modding allowed on the 360 for single player games? I'm not modding my Gamerscore or anything, i would just be adding a few gameplay mods i use on my PC.


Thanks in advance.


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Short answer: No.


Why would anyone care what you do in a single player game? If it doesn't affect me, I don't care...

Just in case, i don't even have Xbox live, and im not modding anything to ruin anyones experience on it.

You would have to never connect to Xbox Live, as either a Gold or Silver member, then Microsoft would never know you had done anything in the first place. However modding single player games is still technically against the rules, so if you ever think you might use the service then I'd avoid it.

^ what he said

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^ what he said

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