Is Minecraft slowly dying on Xbox 360?

If this forum is any indication, Minecraft is slowly dying on Xbox 360. There used to be a flood of posts in this forum, but now they are put a trickle.  That should not be surprising, since the game was released two years ago and, since then, a new console generation has begun.  That said, the retail edition of Minecraft was still the 10th most purchased game last month, which would seem to indicate that it is still a popular game.  Do you feel that Minecraft popularity has slowed?  Is it harder to find friends playing?


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i think these forums are dying not just the minecraft one

but all of them a lot of the regulars have gone

I personally think it's becoming harder to find peole to play minecraft. But, I think it's because sadly the majority of players are 13 years or younger and, judging by the fact that my brother is one of those players, they get bored with the game more and more quickly because of their short attention span. If there isn't a constant supply of updates or new skins/texture packs, then they quickly get bored and play it less and less. Of course, this isn't alw ays true but it's what I've noticed. Now, older players are probably hard to come by because they are most likely on the PC verion because of the Xbox 360's limitations and they are the players that would stick to the game and play it longer/create bigger builds/etc. This is just what I've observed, it might not be the actual reason.


We all have our spells. I have been occupied with Dungeon Defenders on the PC and have rarely touched my 360 since getting it.

I am one of those few mature people who still plays MineCraft xbox 360 edition. However I stopped playing survival mode once I finished the game 100%. Now all I do is play it in creative mode and continue adding new things to the few maps I still play on. I know the majority of players who play the game don't like the flatland maps but 2 of my maps just happen to be flat maps because it has the highest build height minus the three blocks down to bedrock and they are perfect for building cities on. Anyone who has an eye for creativity and respects other players by not griefing or destroying other peoples creations or trolling other players are welcome to friend me and add there creations to the maps I have made along with my friends. I would like to one day upload a video to my youtube account featuring the city map once it is completed. All players who add to or help with the city map get the credit by placing there gamertag on the dedication wall located on the city map. It is true that the 360 version of the game will never be as good as the PC version because of the 360's limitations but I still enjoy the game and find it worth playing.

Not really, a lot of people still play and I know its being purchased by someone new all the time. The only reason that you don't see as many posts on here is because the Xbox forums are next to dead. The forums that people use for Minecraft would be the official Minecraft forums. And oh my glob... has it really been two years? Time flies. I remember being home sick and buying it the day it came out.