Is long distance system link possible?

Since day one this game has given serious lag for me and my friends when we try to play Co-Op over Xbox Live (it affected both of us, host AND client, equally).

At the weekend we played Co-Op over system link when I went to visit him. It was perfect, no lag anywhere.

The problem with this is that he lives 96 miles away and neither of us a network cable that long.

Is there a way to trick our routers into letting us play a system link game over the internet and cut out Xbox Live as the game would do if we were in the same house?


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I guess not then,  I figured there might be some legal issues with this idea.

I just wish something could be done about the horrible lag :(

People used to play the original Halo on the original Xbox over the internet using Xbox Connect (  I've never used it, but the site is still up - check out the downloads section.

Thanks for that,  I'll have a look in to this later.  I knew it existed for the original Xbox, I had no idea it still worked with the 360!

I found other ways of doing it but they all seemed to involve modifying the Xbox and said I wouldn't be able to access normal Xbox Live any more (which I didn't want as all other games work perfectly).

Thanks again!