Is KI's music too dynamic? I can't hear a clear tune with so many rhythm changes

KI1 and KI2 tune's got stuck in my head because they were rememberable, they had a clear tune and a structure of "start-fight tune-danger zone- ending riff"

But in KI3 the music is so dynamic that you really can't follow the song, it's mostly ambient music because it does not have consistence.

When I really want to listen to the music, I must go to youtube, because if you play single player there's not a way to listen to static themes, since you can't select the new music in the training stage.

I think the incredible tunes of *** Gordon are somewhat wasted in-game.


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Nope. They are a huge part of what the game is, and absolutely perfectly pulled off IMO.

You can listen to the full dynamic music played as a track on YouTube, just turn music off in game and play it in the background if your PC/Laptop is near.