is it worth me doing this?

I bought this game 2 days ago, played it twice, Beat the first big fat boss thing got to some bit a bird carried me too and....I understand the difficulty, I played the original ninja gaiden and thought that was hard but this seems to me to be hard for the wrong reason's, bare with me, The magic, Oh god is it bad imo, I made a pyromancer, I have a fireball and 2 skelly things coming at he throws it at the floor....what sense does that make!?

Don't get me wrong I do enjoy the difficulty, to a degree, on my first character which was a...loin cloth thing with a club sorry i can't remember the names off the top of my head and i enjoyed it, Then i got to the same point but rather than go the graveyard where the skellies were i went up this hill to find moltov cocktail people, And ofc due to limitations i died countless times and just gave it up, Is it honestly worth playing or shall i just youtube the ending and call it a day?


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It is worth to play it. After you died couple of times (took me 4 Hours to defeat this Fat Demon in Undead Burg) you feel like the king after you killed these Monsters xD

Well, the Fireball isnt meant to be long-range, it's more mid-range to close-range spell.

I wouldn't go to the Graveyard this early.

Try to look at the attacks and movements from the enemies and study them, how do their attacks looks like?

When you know your enemies, the game is actually quite easy

Yeah, bit like ninja gaiden, i was mid "ARGH I HATE IT" when i wrote that, i've been having a good think about it, i believe i may be the wrong class tbh, I prefer heavy hitters that are slow rather than quick and low hitters, plus magic aint me, to flashy lol

Don't go and fight the skeletons, as they are very tough when you are starting, you'll be able to come back to them later on when you've levelled up and be able to kick their asses!

HOWEVER, do try and do a few suicide runs into the graveyard - as in run in and out to grab loot, expecting to die if get caught but trying to evade combat. You will find a Spear in the graveyard which makes an excellent starting weapon as you can prod the hollow soldiers quite nicely wih it. Once you have that go back to the Firelink bonfire, then face the open space with the moaning chap who tells you about the bells on your right. From this direction head left and you will find some steps carved out of the cliff wall. This will take you up to THE UNDEAD BURG, the best place to start.

One other thing, as you may have found, this games isn't a button masher, no Bayonetta or God of War here. Keep an eye on your stamina bar, its probably more important then your health to manage. Always keep your shield up unless stamina is low, stamina will recharge faster when not being held up, but of course stay out of reach of the nasties when doing so.

So much advice is available online, it's a very beloved game.

Stick with it and enjoy, it is one of the most rewarding games to play currently imho.

Dark Souls is the best game I have played this gen. I beat it 3 times and went halfway thru a 4th. I didn't go thru the graveyard til late in the game. You need a divine or occult weapon for the skeletons or they will just get back up. Those weapons kill them for good. Once you get to the fire in Undead Burg, you will start to get a feel for the game.


Thanks guys i gave it another bash shortley after posting this and i am falling in love with it haha, I am really enjoying this game

Also, if you don't want your pyromancies / sorceries to be cast in some useless direction ( you said you threw the fireball at the floor ) you should press the right analog stick, as it will lock on to 1 of your enemies. It will then aim the ball at the enemy. You can change which enemy you're aiming at by just moving your right analog towards an enemy after locking on.

Also, don't fight skeletons yet, they will come back alive when you kill them

By the sounds of it you picked the deprived class, if you're interested in fireballs I'd recommend starting over and picking Pyromancer as your starter class. Deprived is more aimed at masochists and people who've beaten the game a few times.

Vern mate i did JUST that, first time through went for the deprived, I actually did ok i thought lmao, But yeah, I went for the erm....Cleric! that's it, I am LOVING that but, I must admit i tried a pyro again today and oh my goodness is that fireball epic, 130+ damage, I was so happy with that haha, I was getting stuck on the gargoyle boss then i found if you use a humanity and go up there in human form you can summon that solitar guy, sorry if i got his name wrong, and that made it easy, finally rung the bell...then got confused on what to do next :P

Also to be honest i hate my original post, I whined like a right girl but now heck, if it kills me i just go back and try harder, One tip to anyone, Bait stuff into attacking and see how it moves, it makes life SO much easier once you can tell what they're doing within the first few swings

It definitely helps to fight enemies one on one instead of multiples.