Is it worth it?

Just wondering if the DLC was worth downloading.


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The game was meh for me, so is the dlc

If you enjoy the game then yes. I have played the DLC and have enjoyed both but I love both DA games. Go on your own gut feeling.

Having loved games like Fable III and Alan Wake and LA Noire, I am finding Dragon Age II to be about 50/50.  I love how you can swap out players and how your decisions really affect the game, I just wish there was more fighting.

If you're not fighting enough, then you need to turn up your difficulty.

Meh, i rented the game from gamelfy and after two days, i returned it. I don't really know what was wrong with it, i was just not interested in finishing it.

Took me awhile to get into this game myself. At first, it bored me but after awhile I started to enjoy it (I had the same hing happen to me with Final Fantasy IX). It does have it's flaws, just like any other game, but if you do like western RPG's, stick with it. It is a good game... just takes awhile to get into.

I still think it's worth it. Even though it's not as stellar as the original DA, it's still better than the average game. I also think it has enough re-play value to justify the purchase.

I played MOTA the other day and I'm still thinking about all the possibilities. Brilliant.

Not worth it in my opinion - doesn't come close to DA:O

it's worth it!