is it worth fighting these two

i fought hyperious last night and killed him after about 2 hours trying, and what did i get for all my hard work about 6 c**p weapons.

i think he was the worst boss fight in any game i have played, it was so boring and master gee will be the same i am guessing.

so do you get better things after you kill them both and is it worth farming them



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No they are not worth fighting at all IMO. Pete The Invincible is better and drops better loot. The one time I fought master gee, killed him and what did he drop? Absolutely NOTHING, I man seriously, nothing lol. So yeah avoid them and just farm Pete if you want crystals.

Master Gee almost never drops crystals, but my friends got 2 orange weapons from him. Hyperious is the easiest if your have a gunzerker and tedore weapons and a bee shield. I use a siren, bee shield, and a SMG that shoots a flock of birds(from the pirate DLC). It only takes use around 30min to do. Also if you play on normal you will still get crystals and level 50 loot but the boss has weaker attacks.

Be prepared to fight Master Gee over and over. I just killed him and the game froze. I hear this is a common occurrence. My advice-go play a game that has actually been completed by the developers instead of this incomplete piece of crap.  

Do it for the achievement. You won't be able to do it again until january or maybe the next DLC chapter...

Master Gee freezes if you or another player are by the rocks that you can hide behide. It will also freeze if an object is behide the rock (Deathtrap, Turrent).