Is it unfair?

So I was doin some zombies online and while waiting for a game I was looking at the leaderboards for my friends and I saw that my top level (29) was listed as 26.  Later on I did some solo zombies on Kino and got to round 36, when I checked the leaderboards after that it still said 26 was my highest.  II think the leaderboards should include solo.  What do you think? should it be online only?


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Well, the thing about online is to compete against others. If they calculate solo-gameplay the system could be very well be abused because offline gameplay are able to use cheat codes. That's why the two are each its own entity.

Solo doesnt count towards the leaderboards, but its no biggy really.

I wish they had leaderboards for solo. I can get much further by myself than with other people.

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