Is it true that STEED STONE negates heavy armor PERKS?

I read somewhere that choosing the STEED STONE as your guardian stone, makes it so that perks you get for Heavy Armor and Blocking, become uneffective and useless?   I don't know if this is true or not, need some verification.  Thanks.


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The Steed Stone allows your armor to weigh nothing (when worn) and have no effect on your movement (meaning if you wear heavy armor, you aren't slow as a turtle). It also grants you an extra 100 carrying capacity. I am already using the steed stone, but still, I am getting that heavy armor perk so that I will be able to use other stones.

i love the steed stone. with my thieves guild armor and some enchanted boots i have a carry weight max of over 700

i didn't notice a huge speed increase with the perk, never really noticed heavy armor slowing me down that much. but as said above, it is definatly what it does.

No it doesn't take away any bonuses you already had when the stone is activated. I used the warrior stone until I got to the steed stone and because I pick up anything of value and sell it, I don't see me using any other stone in the game. My carrying load for the Legion character is almost 600 I think. That's a lot of junk to carry and sell lol.

I have steed stone, and Extra pockets and enchanted gloves and boots to boost my carry weight