Is it to late,..?

Hello everyone, basically im asking if is to late to get another xbox, if it would be worth it I mean. My old xbox disc drive messed up, and then I got a PS3. Im a bit bored from it and none of my friends play anymore. Do you think it would be a good idea to buy the new slim 360? Is it to late, because the next xbox could be coming soon..I have friends to play with on 360, and I have the money for one. Any opinion would be nice. Thanks.


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The new Xbox won't be coming for at the very least another year, probably not until 2014. So it is definitely not too late. Go for it and enjoy yourself.

Just buy an arcade they go for around 60 quid or buy a second hand one for even less.

Get an arcade then but a harddrive if you dont get one there both cheap to buy anyway

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Get an arcade then buy a harddrive if you dont get one there both cheap to buy anyway


This is EXACTLY what I did a month ago thanks to the members on   Thank you again the members that helped with this!    I bought the new slim 4gb 360 for $199.99.  Then bought the 320gb HD for only $99.99.   Out the door I had a new 320gb hd 360 for only $299.99!!  


Slim 360 4gb $199.99

320gb hd $99.99   (This seems to be $129.99 now but was $99.99)

The new xbox is still rumors, but I'm sure we won't see it for a couple of years.

I'd expect a nexy gen Xbox by Christmas 2013.

I say go for it so many great games to play.

I'd say get a 360 as well.  There is still plenty of life left in the console, and even when MS does launch the Nexbox (yes that's what I'm calling it, not calling it 720) the 360 still won't be going away any time soon, as there is still a lot of development for it.

there are a couple years left in this generation, at least. and from what rumors are indicating it sounds like backwards compatibility might be next to nonexistent, so if you want to keep playing games from this gen buying a new 360 is a must i'd say.

Well if you have the money and your friends play on the Xbox, then I would say go ahead. Those are the two main reasons you need to get back to Xbox LIVE. Xbox 360 still has a couple more years left most likely. If you have the patience, you could wait till June/July when E3 2012 starts and see if news of the Next-Gen Xbox Console is told. But if I were in your position, I would get another Xbox. There should be some deals rolling around on websites like Amazon.