Is it still possible to get the haunted helmet?

Was it available for a limited time or is it available permanently?


I'm saving up all my credits. I was planning to purchase all the helmets and unlock the haunted helmet if it was still available.


Also, for December, I think Bungie should release a hat for players to wear to celebrate Christmas. It could be novelty reindeer antlers, a Santa Clause hat, or an elf hat.


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To your first question, yes. Haunted has always and will always be available. It's a built in armory feature. However, the ONLY way to get it (without hacking/modding) is to reach Inheritor and buy all other helmets first (maybe just the base helmets, I'm not sure).


About the Christmas idea? Won't happen. Bungie's last day of control of Reach is on July 7th (Bungie Day). After that 343i is taking over. Maybe they'll do something? But Bungie definitely won't be. Either way, it's doubtful.

Bungie Day? what happens on Bungie Day...  I hope we get like Triple XP or something..  something that is a very good going away present you know...  

Yep. As others have stated, just get to the rank of Inheritor and you can unlock it :)

So I have a question.  is the haunted helmet obtainable without the ODST Waypoint Attachments to the Waypoint Helmets or do they also have to be unlocked when you reach Inheritor?