Is it possible...

To get to a positive Kill/Death Ratio with a .89 Ratio? I'm not making a big deal about this, I'm just curious. My stats.


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what you talking about Ninja? =p thats why the kd is less than 1!

No, I mean is it possible for me to get to a positive ratio with my current .89 ratio. ;)

oh, sorry i misunderstood my good Sir, why yes of course anything is possible! i barely have a + kd, while i do enjoy it im learning to become less hung up about it!

personally, K/D ratio doesn't matter much to me. just as long as you have fun.

I assume you mean a positive k/d spread, as k/d ratio cannot be negative.  The answer, yes you can, if you come a better player relative to the rest of the community, in general your k/d ratio will improve.  Best way to get better, obviously practise.  I can tell that when i played Halo 3, my k/d ratio was terrible, below 0.5 for a very long time.  Steadily it got better as i improved at the game, it's is now above 1.

Become an objective camper. ;)  Have fun with it and play, you'll get better. I was shocked to see my dismal K/D was up from .6 to .74.

My K/D is 1.49 . All I do is play smart. I pick my battles and constantly flank my enemy. If I see two about to ambush me, I choose a different route. Most my routes are never the same and are randomized. It helps me be unpredictable and get a lead shot on my enemy. Slayer pro is one of my favorite game-types because I don’t have to be sneaky. I hope that helped you.  >.>

Thanks for the tips. Don't worry, Mr. Ninja will still be the fun guy you know. ^_^

You're only around -2000 in the K/D spread. With a little improvement, you can make that up in no time. I started out with a 1.05 K/D (I think) when Reach first came out, and now I'm up to a 1.29 and steadily increasing (went from a 1.28 to 1.29 in about 2 days). What you need to do to get better is be active in all playlists. But it looks like you pretty much have that covered. Each playlist puts you into unique situations.


Use SWAT to get better practice with headshots and being a lone wolf, use BTB and Invasion to practice working as a team, as well as taking on larger groups of people by yourself, etc. Maybe even play some more competitive playlists like Arena. I'm telling you, that can REALLY help. The people in Arena are generally a lot better than people in Team Slayer. Prior to the past few days, I hadn't touched Team Slayer in MONTHS. I played a bit of Arena, some BTB, a LOT of SWAT, and quite a bit of Invasion along with some Squad Slayer. I went back into Team Slayer and got a Perfection my 2nd game. My first game the next day I went 15-1, and a few games later I won a 1 vs. 4 game by myself.


As Angel said, just play smart. Keep watch of your motion sensor at all times (not enough to get too distracted though). Practice grenade trajectories, bloom timings, and just be aware. Be aware of where you are on the map, be aware of how the other team is playing (sticking together or separated), be aware of weapon spawns, be aware of where the other team is. I really can't tell you how many times I've flanked an entire team in SWAT by myself and ended up beating 2 or 3 of them down before the other team mate(s) know what's going on. Outsmarting your opponent is key. If you can outsmart your opponent, you will win.

My K/D overall is 1.7. Let me see if I can't give some tiny hints.


1: Play with a party. Admit it; randoms suck. Have a team you can trust to not let an enemy shove a knife down your neck. Simple, right?

1a: Use a mic.


2: Don't play coin-toss game modes. Coin-toss game modes, like SWAT & Grifball, are those where it only depends on who presses RT faster. Those are even worse if your aim sucks. Play factor-determining games like Big Team or Invasion, and always...


3: "Borrow" the power weapons & vehicles. The reason my K/D is so high in Invasion is because in the 3rd phase, I take the sniper on Boneyard/the banshee on Spire, & every time I see an enemy touch the core, I blast them.


4: Small doesn't mean bad. Even in the 1st & 2nd phases of Invasion, or in, say, Slayer, the magnum/plasma pistol goes hardcore. They are both better than the assault rifle/plasma repeater, and they aren't totally helpless against a DMR either.



5: Enjoy what you're doing. Raging makes you play worse. Quitting means you gave up on practice. Golden Rule, etc. Do everything the other guys here have already said... blah blah blah.

This may be totally unrelated, but



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