Is it possible to get a decent game on this??

I'm looking at getting back in to COD4, specifically playing online, always preferred it to MW2 and WaW...anyway..


is it at all possible to get a decent game on this or get in to a decent lobby? everything i read it looks as though it's hacked to death and i don't want to pay to renew my gold sub if it's going to be impossible to play




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It's a bit like going out to the pub for a quiet pint with your mates.   Everything is going great, ye're all having a great auld laugh and some gobshite comes in makes a stupid comment and he's just short of getting a knuckle sandwich.  

The difference with live is that - there is no option to deal out an appropriate thump and the bouncer is nowhere to be seen!  The gobshites are being allowed ruin everyone elses fun and until something is done about it well you can forget it.  

I'm not holding my breath that either A:  the game will be fixed or B:  the cheaters will be dumped from xbox live.

haha couldn't have put it better myself... i'm 50/50 about risking it to be honest... i did have a lot of fun on COD4 ...more than on MW2 and I don't really want to go back to playing that