Is it possible to fire your gun while holding the flag?

If yes, how? If not, I think I might have caught somebody hacking! There was somebody in a CTF game that was walking around with the flag that looked like it was impaled in him instead of being on his back. I have the video to prove it! He was firing his Magnum and this DMR while carrying the flag!


If this is not a hack, is it a glitch?


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You can carry the flag on your back and shoot/use armor Ablites on the gametypes SPEEDFLAG and SPEEDPILE.


if he was doing said action in MULTIFLAG or ONEFLAG, he may have hacked

I was playing on Speedlfag. Why do they disable it for one CTF flag mode and not the other? Seems pretty stupid to me.

Sppedflag and Speedpile are technically action sack game modes. They were designed more for fun rather than competitive play.


It's also called SPEEDpile and SPEEDflag for a reason. For example, when carrying a flag, using sprint and evade get HUGE boosts. I played a Speedpile game on Hemorrhage some time ago and I had 3 flags on my back. I pressed Evade and jumped literally halfway across the map from tapping the button once. They're different game types, so they have different rules.