Is it okay to make my new Khajit wear Heavy Armor, focus on archery?

I heard khajits are mainly for stealing and pickpocketing and thieving, but no way my Khajit is immoral like that.  He's gonna be an archer wearing nice heavy armor hunting the bad guys of Skyrim.  But, is that abnormal to put heavy armor on a khajit?  

Any opinions? 

I really want him to be a balanced heavy armor/archer/one hand melee fighter.


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Why not? It's your character, do with him as you will. As a archer myself, I do have to ask, why heavy? Archery being a ranged attack and lending itself to stealth and all.

It would be an odd choice in terms of the lore, maybe, but who cares?


Personally, my favourite characters are Khajiit with Heavy Armour, Two Handed, Block, One Handed and a few more.

I'm just a Mage. Who cares. XD

Thats what my only character I have had is. Khajiit that wears heavy dragon armor and uses archery.