is it okay to delete the beta now?

just want to be sure if i can delete the beta for gears. i didn't delete it in case i would lose all the beta unlocks. now that i unlocked all the stuff i earned in the beta, i wanna be 110% sure i won't lose all that stuff if i delete the beta. also, i have a friend that deleted the beta and didn't unlock football cole or the weapon skins from the beta. does anybody know if there is a way for him to get the stuff unlocked? he played the beta everyday to earn the stuff. i would think epic would have taken mesaures to ensure that people that deleted the beta would still be able to unlock the beta characters and weapon skins.


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IM JUST SAYING BUT WHY DO YOU GUYS NEED TO DELETE IT? Just keep it in case. It doesn't even take any space. If you need to delete it becuase of the space then get a xbox with a bigger GB. damn man!


k thnx.

GB isn't the problem. I deleted it anyways and still have my stuff.

Why though?

dono =[

why take up the space on my hard drive if i don't need to? i am never gonna play the beta anymore. i only left it on my hard drive to be safe for the beta unlocks.

My rank got reset to 1 somehow and luckily I still had the beta saves to get my weapons back.

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The only critical stuff is the beta game save. The actual beta can be safely deleted.