is it me or is the audio mix off? I can't hear vocals!

I have a digital 5.1 surround system ... and regardless of how loud I turn it, I HAVE to read the subtitles for in-game chatter... The cut-scenes sound fine, but in-game dialogue is almost unhearable ... ???


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I havent played SP yet, but if MP is any indicator, probably so. The voices are more distorted than ever (maybe changed to help connections?) and there are times where I have a struggle hearing teammates talking. But the character voice responses have been fine. I hear the normal funny quotes from people having a grenade tossed their way.

yep... same here.  Multiplayer, people are garbled and sound like Charlie Brown's teacher most of the time.  Except if i'm in a party.      BUT... in party chat, i cant see which teammate is talking on the HUD/Minimap...  their "triangle" doesnt highlight.