Is it MANDATORY to NOT INSTALL the game onto your harddrive?

I've been hearing that to get the best graphics, I mustn't install the game?  Is this even mandatory?  If not, then I won't bother uninstalling.


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It's not.

I have the game installed to my hdd.

I really haven't expeireinced any texture issues.

Same problems with install.  Put yours on your console and give it a shot.  Worst case scenario, you have issues and have to delete the install.  But mine looks fantastic, and never freezes.

Installed it with no problems.

I have it installed the the HDD, I have the texture issues on my hands and sometimes weapons. I'd rather have it on my HDD than spinning from my disc so i could careless game still looks good, and once it is patched I wont have to install it.

LOL when is it EVER MANDATORY   NOT to Install the game to hard drive??

It's recommended, not mandatory. I have mine installed and haven't came across anything.

Ive had no problems with the game being installed (it did freeze once during my 12 hour skyrimfest), my friend didnt install it and it sounds like he has done pretty good with load times and textures.

I did install mine and have had some issue with textures.  I am thinking about taking it off the HD.

Also installed here.. no problems. I have the Black 360S with the 250GB drive.