Is it just me or... (Maybe Spoilers)

... is this game really difficult? I'm level 8 so far and I've already been wtfpwned on more than 1 occasion (thankfully Oblivion and Fallout have taught me to save often).


I expected fights with Dragons to be difficult, but Falmers, Giants and Spriggans seem to open up a can of whoop-@@@ and kill me in under 5 hits (especially Spriggans - they do alot of damage, chase you and are very fast). I tried turning the difficulty down to novice (it was at the default setting before) but it's still just as bad.


I'd really like to go out and explore the immensely large world but I don't want to get killed by something I've got no chance of defeating which isn't fun at all. Don't get me wrong, I like a challenge, but not an impossible one.


Any advice? Also, where can I buy food/health potions or buy ingredients to make them? They don't come by often and I've nearly ran out of the ones I did find.


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No it's not just you mate I've been owned loads! Just gotta level and go to the towns and buy potions and food also loot everything n sell it and Pick up any four items

Kill animals to make food and use alchemy to make potions.  Forget wasting gold on that stuff.

I'm playing on Master Lvl 5 and fronted Dragons, Frost Trolls and Giants. There are ways around every enemy - if you can't kill them, sneak around them, if you can't sneak around them, hope you can outrun them.

You don't have to kill everything you come across... yet  - their day will come.


And before you ask, hell yeah I've been owned big time, plenty of times.

Why can't I find bloody dragons


If you do the main quest for a few quests you have your first epic Dragon fight - and it's awesome.

What were the objectives for the first part of the main quest is it where you have to go see a jarl to ask for back up?

Do the claw thing (quest from the trader), go see jarl. follow the course he sets and you'll be slaying a dragon before long

Ah done the dragon claw part Of it will go see the jarl at half three when I get back from work cheers

I was wondering the same thing myself. Seems odd to pick up a quest at the very beginning and finding it next to impossible to do early on (Mammoth Tusk Quest). Also doing the Dragon Claw quest 1 mob would die in 1 hit the next guy would be a 3 hr epic battle.

Anyone else seem to think at some points 1 weapon is majorly Op compared to another?

Saved often is the best advice EVAH! lol

I'm glad i'm not the only one. I've died a considerable amount of times. A couple were horrible. I was traveling to whiterun from the lord stone. Made it to the fort to the bottom right of WR ( sorry i can't remember the name) I was murdered by some necros

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