is it just me or have the spawns been worse since the last update?

the spawns have always been crappy since launch but ever since the last update and the new maps came out seems like they are horrible especially on Oasis, Arkaden,and Foundation. i will kill a guy and get 2-4 steps forward and be killed by that same guy from behind me even though the majority of his team is spawning on the other side of the map. or i'll die and be spawned in a area behind a group of enemies and easily pick them off. am i just having incredibly bad luck or is there a actual problem because it's really annoying not being able to get on a good run because of it


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Spawns have stayed the same as they have always been in regular MP modes. In faceoff though I have spawns like you described mulitple times a game.

Foundation spawns for Domination are bad and they make me feel bad.

MW3 The only really tried one time to fix the spawns and that was when people were spawning on top of each other. Now that the spawns are what they call "OKAY" they dont give two.

Get spawned camped or revenge spawned.Its whatever, its a game. Or use the tactical insertion.

Yep especially on domination games. But oh well i'ld be shocked if they put an update out that improved anything. The code in general is just broken and the more they try to fix it the more they brake it. Lag seems worse aswell since the update people yoyo'in all over the shop, emptying a clip into someone only for them to turn round look to put 1 bullet in me only for the kill cam to show them putting a full clip into me. I'ld much prefer if they just stopped n left us to it & only stepped in to patch any glitches or hacks.

But oh well atleast the powers that be have blessed us with double XP until Monday so onwards,upwards & back to the fight. One day I will learn & put the thing back in the box lol

the only fix is one that some people might not like -

in MW2 (?) they had a death streak that gave you a 10 sec  invincibility - just bring that back and it should put an end to the spawn campers

in Faceoff they fricking suck and should really be fixed. Just last night i was playing on Aground in Kill Confirmed and the other team wasnt even going for the tags they spawn trapped us and ran out the time to get a MOAB. Something about the spawns should really be fixed


I don't really mind that spawn point yet, although I can see someone taking advantage of it. Generally, you'll spawn just off the start of the cliff and be able to retreat or take shots at your opponents...

Yeah i normally dont mind but that one game just almost ruined it. I mean there was a guy camping in the cave and another camping with ACR silencer on the left side of the boat and another by the crates sniping. I finally got out of it with good use of a smoke grenade and Marytrdom. I even had a game where 2 guys camped out on Erosion up the ladder and had another guy with a silenced SCAR just roaming the map. We still lost but i had fun picking them off with my noobtube!