Is it even worth going back to CoD4?

I loved CoD4 when they had the Beta and when it released, now I beat Black Ops and traded it back and playing some MW2. A friend of mine has CoD4 and wants to game with me in it. So I figured why not, CoD4 was a great game to play online. Until I kept reading posts on how much the game is literally filled with Hackers, Modders, JTAGs, etc.

Question, its only $14 used at GameStop, is it even worth my time picking it up because I was heavily annoyed (and still in some ways) with the Modding/Hacking for MW2. 


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not yet wait for a patch

bought it for cheap because a friend plays it alot and wants to play with me.

just dont accept any invites to private games,anything looks wrong go to dashboard ,dont back out of the game

yeh I basically just went to dashboard everytime the lobby has become infected or joined infected lobby and reported anyone who was cheating and recorded them cheating.

One guy told me after he advertised to players via message that he was hosting 10th prestige lobbies and infected rooms that no one cares anymore about CoD4 and he won't get banned even though I filled a complaint.

make sure you file a complaint ,not just for tampering but also for text messaging the offer to you,xblpet will check the email

Its definitly not worth it, to many cheaters

Trick is to play Mercenary Team Deathmatch. Of course, then you can't play with your friend. But the whole thing is being cleaned up, I can tell. My vote is yes. It's MUCH better than it was 6 months ago. Slowly getting cleaned up I think. I had completely given up, but picked it up recently and was able to play several game types for several hours. Same with WaW.

I think Microsoft IS taking care of business, but there are a lot of guilty gamertags out there and banning someone is taken seriously, as it should be.

But they need our help: 1) Play. 2) When you see a hacker, REPORT IT. EVERY TIME.

My two cents ;-)