Is GTAV crashing for anyone?

According to this news feed:


GTAV is crashing on some older model 360s.


Just wondering if it's that big of a deal.



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lol you said "news feed" with a YouTube Link...

I'm a bit over 60 hours in on my original day one 360. Zero problems.

it's happened to me a few times. the screen goes black and I have to reset the console. (I have the old 360 model)

I finished the game over the course of a couple days and had no crashes at all. I played on both a new XBOX360 and one of my old ones and had no problems. Though I did experience the dissapearing car bug several times.

crashed twice for me, straight after taking a photo, dunno whether it could be unavailability of the rockstar service that it tries connecting to, to save it.

no problems on my arcade with 20 gig hd.

It's been crashing every five minutes when I play, I guess I'm a pretty bad driver.