Is farming keywardens the same as computer version?

do you still need stacks of nep valor ?...seems like 3 for xbox...and them at least master 1 difficulty to get the keys to drop?


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I been getting a good amount of jewelcrafting tomes in ponyland (inferno-hard), I believe only tome I am missing is lvl 14.  Last run I did I got 2 set items and 3 legendarys...I wish every run was like that hahaha

Really?  I am kind of surprised they drop on hard, I would have assumed only on Master.  Also, have people been farming hell?  Is it worth it with like, Master III on or something?  I could definitely use some more jewelcrafting tomes, but if I cannot find upgrades I'd rather just chug trough Inferno (even though I'm very pressed for Topaz's)

3 stacks is all you can get for valor and the keys drop for me on hard difficulty