Is Double XP working?

I know for the last week its been double XP.  I've been playing Ranked TDM regularly and I don't really notice double the points?  I've been asking people in the game and they say the same thing.  Is the DOuble XP active and on?


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Supposedly... But I haven't noticed it either.

Yes, until the date specified.

It is working...I've moved up a little over 20 ranks (60-80) since it started.

More noticeable for me when I've been playing Warzone and Execution actually...

Maybe you guys can't get any kills. 0 x2 is still 0 you know. looool

Yip I'm sure it's still on until the 14th I think. I've noticed it on versus a lot but for Horde (Which I usually play) not so much.