Is Dead Risng 2 Case Zero Still Available?

The subject says it all, but I really wanteds to get case zero but I cannot find the download... is it still available?


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Its not an add on. Im pretty sure it was an x box arcade game.

It is and Xbox Live Arcade Game. And yes its still up :)

I just tried to find it and I can't, any clue as to whether its still there?

You have to search under DR not DE because it's listed as DR2: Case Zero not Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Was so looking forward to playing this but I can't in my region ;:/

I'm pretty sure they took it off for a while, but it is definitely back now as there was a deal on it a week or two ago. Its an Arcade game, as it came out before Dead Rising 2 so it can't be an add-on, the only relation it has is the Case Zero importer where you can import your completed Case Zero file into the start of Dead Rising 2 giving you your PP and Money.