Is dead money worth the money?

I have some money and I want to get honest hearts but everyone tells me not to buy it is it worth it to buy?


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Well are you wanting to get Honest Hearts or Dead Money? I cant tell as you wrote both down.

My bad I was wondering if dead money is any good?

Its actually not bad it just gets a little frustrating but it's well worth it IMO. Because you get some pretty decent guns and you get gold bars at the end that are worth like 7K caps a piece which if you can get enough out you could probably be set for caps the rest of your NV life.

Many will tell you no.  But I actually thought it was fun.  I also found it more challenging than an of the FO3 DLCs and HH, which, while sometimes annoying, was also a nice change.

The story was also very good, better in HH, IMO.

Bottom Line, I say yes it's worth it and although many would agree, just as many wouldn't

I think DM is well worth the money, its a nice challenge and you get a few nice items. HH is also really good, but its very very easy and short compared to DM, at least in my opinion.

Dead Money is well worth 800msp IMO. Played through it two or three times now and enjoyed it more each time.


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If you manage to sneak out at the end of the dlc with all 37 gold bars, you can turn your little room at Novac into an armory in no time...... Just like I have lol.

Tips: High-ish sneak skill will help a lot. Also, The "Long Haul" Perk will come in handy so you can fast travel while over-encumbered, You need quite a high Barter skill for this Perk.

Yeah, I think so, it is a really good challenge if you crank the difficulty up.

I'd say get the new DLC instead. Don't get me wrong I like Dead Money but I prefer a place I can return to honestly. I do like Dead Moneys story more and it was more difficult and I liked that about it and though the new DLC story does kinda lack I like it alot so thats what i'm going to suggest.

im so glad i bought in for PC cause i get the DLC for free. Dead money is a very interesting yet smog covered dlc. its hard at some points, strange in others, and very non-open. just downloaded honest hearts today and so far its very open and interesting and theres quite a bit of lush grass covered canyons, no-rad water creeks, and very green

Go with Dead money,You can do HH in 1 move ( go straight fo the map ) lol and even when you do the talking to ppl and doing the challenges ect.. , it`s still way to short.,,

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