Is Co op available in split screen

Is DS 3 co op available offline so that it can be played  from the same console in split screen (as in Left 4 Dead series). or it is only available online.


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Not 100% sure but I don't think there will be a split screen option.

I'm hoping it is, but I guess we'll find out. I haven't heard any news on it.

Visceral said there wouldn't be a split-screen option. It kind of sucks that it's online only, but...whatever.

how about a system link option?

Yea, I'm almost positive that Dead Space 3 will have a split screen option. At least I hope so. It'd be fun to have my girlfriend play with me since she's the jumpy sort and gets scared easy. :) Hardy har har

Pretty freaking stupid that you can play with a dumb as hell person screaming online, that you would want to kill in real life, instead of playing with the person next to you, and making the screen smaller. And the consoles can handle it,  look at gears of war, it did it. And the sounds coming from two different possible areas would add that extra scare factor that split screen might take out a bit. If this game is not splitscreen, which by the demo I don't see it being splitscreen, than I'm not going to buy the game. I love the demo and new features, but the thought of being able to play with my little brother, who loves the game too, but wants someone in there anyways, is awesome, and I got excited for it to be splitscreen. And once again, if it an issue withthe characters having different hallucinations. Time it differently

Jeez Leospot.  That's a little intense.  One question.  If your brother plays dumb as hell as you're describing and screams a lot, will you want to kill him too?

It wouldnt be the biggest problem to time it differently, excelent game that should have the oppertunety to be shared in split screen. Hope visceral come with a addon that allow split screen. People have already did it with the pc version at home!