Is battlefield bad company 2 worth it?

ive got my xbox about a month and a half ago, but i feel like im wasting alot of money on unessacery games, mw2 nobody really play no more (my friends), i just got halo 3 because i was in love with the halo reach demo, but halo 3 sucks because the graphics and gameplay are to way back, it doesnt even have vibration, i only see hardcore halo fans liking that, so i feel like that was a waste, gears of war is ok but i dont play it alot, crysis 2 is ok but i dont play it alot either, and i beat fable 2 and assassins creed brotherhood, now i kind of have nothing, so this will be the last game i get till christmas, Is battlefield bad company 2 really worth it? i want something thats fun and will last, i was gonna get medal of honor but people said that was dead.


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Depends on what style of shooter you like. This game can have a lot of fast pace action and then it can get real slow. The maps are way bigger than halo or cod. Some players like what cod and halo bring which is that constant fast pace. One thing that sets this game apart from the other shooters is the destructible environments. It will absolutely spoil you. The gameplay is great but takes some getting use to. This game has great graphics, gameplay, and is absolutely the best vehicle warfare of any game Ive played.

Negatives are only 4 game modes and 2 of them not a lot of people play

majority of players play Rush and Conquest

The sniper class has bullet drop so it takes some getting use to

The game is on servers so you dont have to worry about someone elses  connection - P2P

sometimes hard to get into full games late at night

I stream Bad Company 2 on stop by sometime and check it out. I got a lot of highlight videos

it's the best game out there. If you're tired of the random crap that happens because of the cheating douchebags that play halo and CoD, you'll love BFBC2. No silly hitscan, no 'super auto aim' like in CoD and Halo. the game is awesome, don't listen to your CoDpiece buddies about how BFBC2 plays, most CoD players try to snipe and fail. Grab an assault or medic kit and get out there in the thick of the battle