Is Battlefield 4 still broken?

I have not played since selling my copy back in January, but I was curious to know if the game actually functions these days. Getting into a game was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack last I played. If its been fixed I'm probably gonna pick up another copy since my Xb1 game library is looking quite thin these days...


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If you couldn't find a game then, you won't find a game now. The reason? I'm guessing you never figured out how to set the server search settings.

I was able to find games, it just took a hell of a long time. Regardless I still picked it up and i'm pleased at how much improved my experience has been so far.

Depends on what you consider broken?

Problem you had back then was due to EA servers being hacked, it's been easy to find games for the majority of the time... games are running much better, now they've moved onto fixing the netcode (where you get shot around corners, bullets don't register etc.) In another few months we might be able to start hitting targets, can't wait :)

And with that comment, Mogwai wins....

I would consider broken to be virtually unable to play multiplayer due to the inability to find games and constant lag; however it appears to me that the game is working properly now. I'm glad my issues were resolved, but i'm not too sure about everyone else. Maybe you were fortunate enough to not have such a negative experience as I?

Think it was worse for some but noticeable to all, matchmaking was fixed months ago (sever browser always worked except aformentioned hacking peroid), they've only recently fixed the server lag and rubberbanding (just over a week ago).  The netcode issues around hit ditection are not as noticeable for most, but they're still a problem.