Is Battlefield 3 Premium Edition Worth Getting??

I played B3 during the Beta and when it came out.

After a while I gave up on the game and have never really wanted to get it again, that is until I saw the Premium Edition is on sale for $40.

Would I benefit getting this game so far out since it's release and I last played it?

I remember sucking a ton, but my friends still play and say they will play with me if I get only concern is never getting good enough to enjoy it, but then again I hope just playing with friends will make it enjoyable.

Thanks in advance for the helpful insight!


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Its fun and Im sure its well worth it for the Premium with all the DLC that comes with it, eh? I think all the maps come with it.

Yeah premium is worth it to get all the dlc included.  But there's tons of dlc and patches.  Besides if you install the disc.  Grand total is like almost 20GB for everything.  But Dice nerfed almost every weapon.  So gun fights are boring now.


You are correct with the maps, and I figured it's worth it since it's a $100 value for $40 :D


I read someones review on Amazon, and they stated that it would be a s***load of storage, but I assumed it would be big..I was still playing when they came out with the huge update :)

Thank you two for the quick response, it's nice to have kind and informed individuals!

You got lucky. We are usually just trolling Dbags. :P

I would go for it if you think you will put in the hours to warrant the purchase. There's enough content to keep you busy, in my opinion.

yes its worth it best online shooter out there (in my opinion)just be a team player and know your class role and you will be a big help. this game is more about teamwork not k/d. it has a learning curve stick with it and you will be rewarded. there is a lot of content for 40 bucks!

Just picked it up and well worth it IMO. Sure I'm low man on the totem pole when getting my *** handed to me by all those 100's out's always a fun day to die.

Premium Edition is defo worth it atm.Good value.

if you have the HD space for all of it and you like the game then yes.