is bad company 2 worth a purchase at only £12 brand new ?

was wondering if i should get this game because i'm sick of cod and plus its cheap as chips...


is the multiplayer like medal of honor's multi player or different ?????


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If you've played invasion on reach, Rush is kinda like that mode. And conquest is a fight for different control points (flags) around the map. The Gameplay is like Medal of Honor's, but on much larger maps and the environment and buildings are destructable. For example, want to get into a house but the door's on the other side? If you have a grenade, chuck it towards the wall and make your own door. The buildings also collapse if enough of the walls are blown out. It is a squad-based, teamwork focused objective game (other than squad deathmatch). I would highly recommend it

Definitely worth the buy, don't bother with Vietnam expansion though.

It's kind of like Homefront with much better graphics, sounds, and destructibility. Guy camping in a corner? No problem, just blow out the wall behind him with a rocket or grenade. You also don't "earn" vehicles or killstreaks. You always start out with the vehicles in your spawn and you just have to be the first to grab it.

Its a very fun game, if u havent played it before ull probably have a little bit of a hard time getting used to it. Its so much fun, I enjoy much more game time then i do when i play cod..

BattlefieldBC2 is just so much more fulfilling, it takes alot of teamwork and communication.

I bought Ultimate Edition,  Which includes all the map packs, battlefield1942 and onslaught mode for $40 canadian, and i havent looked back at all

You could also take your £12, and turn it in for 1 million American dollars.

Pick it up and I like that gamerpicture. "No means No"

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

Thanx everyone for the heads up will go buy this now see you on't battlefield people .....

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