Is anyone else tired from Call of duty multiplayer?

It's like Call of Duty 4 and World at War were really fun but when MW2 came out the multiplayer was awful and now its hard to have fun on multiplayer on COD


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try playing games that aren't cod. i haven't played one for months.

I got tired of it on MW2.


Same, I got bored on MW2, kinda didn't get into World at War, so still played CoD4, the maps on MW2 were just poor, and they have been ever since, too small, most CQC, used to be a massive fan during the CoD4 days, I had 91 days played on that game.

Yeah a long time ago. Got tired of it after COD 4 but still played online until the care package glitch ruined MW 2. MW 3 was the last game I played but no VS multiplayer just spec ops and campaign.

World At War wasn't that fun, i didn't even play the MP enough to hit highest Rank before I gave up on it.

COD4, however, I played the hell out of even before the release in November 2007, my friends & I were ripping the beta apart.

My peak of interest in the COD MP was 2007-2008.

I played MW2, Blops, MW3, enough to hit highest rank but I didn't have the thrill I did during COD4 days.

But the same can go for many other FPS games I played MP.

Halo 2 was my peak for Halo & the summer after Vietnam DLC hit was my peak for Battlefield.

Not to say none of the later games for any of the above franchises were bad, but interest always changes with time.

I only ever played the MP with friends, and never liked it. Black Ops 2 is the first I've ever played all by myself, but now that I've gotten back into Reach, I can see how ridiculously cheap it is in almost every way.


I'll still play it, but once nextgen comes and Reach is no more, I'll likely go Silver.

I play call of duty multiplayer, battlefield multiplayer and halo multiplayer  but call of duty has lost its jive, halo and battlefield still feel great but call of duty seems like its gone down hill

Yeah, I'm tired of Call of Duty multiplayer. Hence why I don't play it anymore. I only play it now to beat the campaign on veteran for the gamerscore. Call of Duty just isn't appealing to me anymore. Sadly. Even though I know I'll still buy the next one that comes out.


I can still enjoy each new CoD iteration in short bursts, but shooters like Halo & Battlefield tend to hold my attention for longer these days. 

No I'm not tired of CoD at the moment as I'm having a break from it for the year to play Halo and even that has become stale already.  I guess for the rest of the year my online shooters will get very little attention which doesn't bother me at all as there are plenty of games out there for me to get into.

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