Is anyone else extremley disapointed?

I bought Gears of War: Judgment, fully expecting to be hooked as soon as the disc entered my xbox. Did anyone else get that weird, warm cheese smell when they started playing it too?


This feels more like Gears of War 3:Judgment. Much like Halo 3, and Halo 3:ODST. ODST should have been an add-on to Halo 3, just as Judgment should have been an add-on to Gears of War 3.


Except, Now that I look back to ODST, it feels like it was worth my $60 compared to Judgment. I know that I'm probably going to get so much hate for speaking my mind, but the truth is, 'true' Gears fans, won't be spoon fed the garbage that PCF and EPIC are trying to give us.



A disappointed customer.


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[quote user="THA 1 BEHIND YA"]It means that someone proclaiming to be a "true" fan shouldn't like the game is false. I wanted to see if he was as into the series as he made out to be. I have way more experience with the franchise than him and I like this game. I don't like when someone insists that they have more history with something and their opinion is more valid than a player with less experience. Then that player turns out to have little experience with the actual series, just one game GoW3.


Oh gotcha.  I kind of skimmed through the OP's post for some reason thought it was the usual complaint thread.   Didn't see the bit where he said he was 1337 at Gears or whatever.

[quote user="Tampa K"]


- No locust

- Controls are different

- No classic game modes (I know execution is coming, but c'mon?)

- Starting Weapons are changed (No Primary and Secondary w/ Pistol)

- Start off w/ Grenade

- Maps are not symmetrical (Let's not discuss ONLY 4)

- No active reload 

- Falling off of ledges

- Weapons Added

- Gameplay is much more fast-paced

- Sticky Grenades

And you say they are minor changes? It changes the whole game.


And you expected them to change nothing?

Come on dude.  This isn't 2007 anymore.  Filling your games up with loads of weapons and customisation options is the way it is now.

Not to mention making it more "fast paced".  Gears is not the first game to change their tempo - Halo and Battlefield are faster than their previous inslallments  too - and it won't be the last.

It's all about money and the casual crowd.  They don't care about the veterans or the die hard fans anymore which is why Gears 3 and Gears J are full of bling.

eightball you did well

trust me bro, it's a throwaway


I like the game, but the thing i'm most unhappy with is no execution...something that made gears unique and is something that makes it gears for me.  I heard they are bringing it back april 2nd so i'm very happy about that.  Something about curb stomping and doing executions gives it that gears feal for me.

Also I like overrun in MP but I don't like the new survival...I liked horde mode much better.  I enjoyed buying fences and upgrading them buying turrets and the dummies and stuff it was much more enjoyable.

Yup, it's basically just a bunch of (I assume cut/failed) Gears 3 DLC taped together.

My brother has had multiple accounts over the course of his gaming days. Also, he could have been playing as a guest too. Not too smart huh?

Fan and player since early 07,1 2 and 3 in my xbox,did a few runs of horde and a couple matches of Guardian  late yesterday to be exact and guess what?The OP said what is on most of the "Vets" minds.Fanboys with your head in the sand give it up....preorders and current players playing the game say it all,I give it a week after execution hits and it will fizzle away.Face it,by turning the game out with such little content and stripping out alot of populer game functions and modes,forget about if it is good or bad,that alone told the tale that they really did not put much thought and or effort in to the game and are just ramping up for the new gen console.

At best GOW:J feels like an add on.

In 3 days or so I've already gotten 70% of the achievements.

I'd have more but the COG tag one glitched on me, I found it but it won't give me credit for it.

At this point I've almost hit level 40, I see myself hitting the level 40, 50 and prestige achievements but I don't see myself playing enough to do that 2 more times, the content is just not there.

its not the worst game ever, its def better than COD and Halo 4, but it's not GEARS of War it's a new game entirely. reminds me of Perfect Dark...

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