Is Any One Else Having This?

My daughter has been playing multiplayer for a few hours so I decided to match her level and sat down for a marathon session.  I played a few Infinity Slayer matches and then decided just go down the list.  And haven't played since.  No matter what I select something odd happens: the match will load, the beep countdown starts only for me to get returned to the Halo 4 (Press start) screen.  No errors messages, I just returned to that screeen.  This has just started.  My girl played fine with no problems for two hours!  Then suddenly I can't do anything!  But to be fair, I got a brief "disc needs cleaning" type message right after I finished the last Infinity Slayer game so I did wipe it off and it does not appear to have major scatches.  Any ideas?


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I would suggest installing your H4 disc to the hard drive

Some options.

1. Install H4 to your hard drive. (I do this with every game to save wear and tear on the 360)

2. Try returning the disc and exchange for another one.

3. Clear your 360 cache.

4. Your 360 is on its last leg.

Well, I did the cleaning and running it thru the scratch removel system and that seems to have done something.  But it still does the original problem from time to time.  And I cannot install any disc...except one.  I get the "disc cannot be read" deal no matter what I put in.  The real irritating thing is that this is a new console I got in April 2012 in return for a repair I that had sent my previous console in for.  I contacted support today and get told it is not covered under any warranty so I guess I am stuck with it at the moment.  I am checking to see if the problem is just Halo 4 or other discs.

Ok, so today I have played one game on H4...everytime other time I have tried I get sent back to the main screen.  Trying Black Ops 2 to see what happens...and I cant install it either.  The disc is nearly pristine but I get the "can't read..." thing before it even starts.  Yet, the console can read the disc to play the game!

Sorry to say but its your 360.  The "repaired" 360s really dont last but maybe a year or 2.   I have been through 5 "repaired" RROD 360s.  So I feel your pain.  Finally I gave up and bought a brand new slim 360 and it has been working very well for the most part.  

my slim likes to freeze up whenever it does rigorous tasks like reading a game disk




Knowing the definitions of the two words, I think rigorous works better in this context but it's more about preference since both words would work... Just wondered why you called him out on his choice of verbiage? lol

I misspelled "conspicuously" in another thread.

alrighty then...don't see how vigorous works better....hmmm?

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