irena mission

I am at the part of the mission where you are supposed to capture the wench.  Except I can't, the game won't even let me get that far.  I clear out the 1st wave no issue,once I order the hack a new wave appears.  How do I clear these goombas and still have time to go getr Irena?  I keep getting a mission fail before I even get up the stairs...


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shoot da ***

I'm having the same problem.  I start to hack the computer the enemies start roping in. Then within seconds game over with failed to kill Irena Morales every bloody time. It doesn't even give me a chance to finish the wave of enrmies before it ends. What the heck is wrong with this stupid game? I know you have to clear the enemies but it doesn't even give me a chance. Not even within seconds that the game is over the minute I start hacking. I've tried for 3 days straight and I cant get through it,  its same failed mission over and over again.  is it possible to coop through this mission so somebody can show me how this is done? I just about lost my patience on this game :-)