IP flooding, Host booting and dDoS attacks

     There is still the major problem of IP flooding, Host Booting and dDoS attacks going on despite the fact that XBL claims this does not happen! I know for a fact it does in almost every game I play. A Security program on my network constantly goes off informing me the someone is pinging my modem hundreds of time per second flooding my connection. Or I am Host booted or even worse, as soon as a game is over I am kicked from XBL and told that some components are corrupt or missing and an update is required. This happens almost every time I play one or more of a growing list of cheaters on XBL. They have been reported hundreds of times yet NOTHING is ever done to them. I even saw a guy yesterday that has had his XBL account for 17 years! Really? It hasn't even been around that long.


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Yeah, people say the complaint system works, but I have yet to see any of my complaints ever answered. They mostly seem to focus on Call of Duty titles, leaving the more vulnerable and less popular games chum for the sharks.

The same delinquent people perpetually seem to persist throughout, just hacking and cheating their way across Xbox Live. I think XBLPET mostly catches the underlings who are dumb enough to brag about their accomplishments or foolish and brazen enough to get caught in an open match, but the people who do the most damage are continuously erasing their tracks.

It is amazing how many people deny even the possibility that something like this could happen. I know for a fact as well that I have seen some pretty bizarre things that should not be possible with the hardware provided alone, yet some people still refuse to accept such implications.

Well according to the fanboys here, Xbox live is immune to hacks.

None of that has ever happened to me before. Maybe you should stop playing with such shady people.

[quote user="Assassinator010"]<p>Well according to the fanboys here, Xbox live is immune to hacks.</p><div style="clear:both;"></div>[/quote]

IP flooding, host booting, and Ddos attacks aren't done through Xbox Live as far as I'm aware. Pretty sure they are using external sources to basically tamper with your modem/router ports etc so they gain an unfair advantage. I haven't seen any evidence proving otherwise. If you have any however feel free to share.