Invisible weapon skins

A guy I played with in a KOTH match earlier tonight sent out a mass msg, saying he could get invisible skins. Has anyone heard of this or seen it? I know report and move on, just curious if anyone has heard of this


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I thought the invisible skin was the default (i.e. no skin), lol.

It is a skin for Epic employees. Since they gave up the liquid metal from the beta...they got new ones. If he was giving them out...he was hacking, or scamming people.

how do u get it

I guess you didn't read the post ^^^^ "It is a skin for Epic employees".

So it renders the weapon invisible? How is that helpful?

that means the basic skin. as in no change of color.

no no. and yes it would not be helpful at all............

@Puzzled.....your name fits you perfectly,your all over every thread without an ounce of knowledge of what the hell is going on,lol...