Invasion+Spire=Jump off?

Okay, venturing out of my comfort zone into invasion. Spire was pretty neat, but it seemed like the appropriate action after getting the core is to jump out of the one way door, and off the tower. At least, that was the quick way. Is there another way down? (I'll still do the grab & jump method if I get the chance)


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There is one other way but this requires Team Work.


You can jump onto your team's falcon and ride it from the spire to the capture point. Not likely to happen with randoms though.

In case you weren't aware. There's like yellow jump chutes all around the base of the tower. They are there to catch your fall.

Jump from the spire. Land in one of those which shoots you back up a little but cushions the fall distance to the floor.


It's not possible to reach them whilst holding the core due to your decreased speed.


You can however line up with a gold chute, jump with core, let go of core and then still have enough time at quickened speed to drift into a gold chute to save your fall.


Hopefully when your core lands it wont go rolling off too far away. Saw a funny fail where someone drops the core, it rolls under the centre of the spire and back into the jump chute and back up to the top of the spire all on it's own. Lol


So yeah the only ways down really are jetpack (cant do this while holding core), drop to death with or without core, drop into gold jump catcher things or with some teamwork as Speedy said you can surf the Falcon. I suppose you could even surf the banshee.


I personally grab the core, out the 1 way window / forcefield but I dont jump straight off that edge there. I go around to the left a little and line up with the next "gold jump catcher thing" as it's nearer the pelican / less chance of roll due to the floor inclination.

Jump, drop core and save myself as well, ready to pick it up at the bottom.


Depends on the scenario though. If I've got enemies on my back up the top of the spire I just ensure I get it over the edge as IMO the spire top is easier defended by the enemy if I leave the core up there.

Yeah, I know about the jets.  I figured you could just drop it and land it, I was looking for a down elevator or if the lifts reverse flow or something clever like that. I'll probably just keep jumping to my death. ^_^

jump off jet pack it.

A second before you hit the ground release the core fire on the jet pack and the core and you should land safely with minimal damage.  the only thing is the guys that are waiting down there for you to GR you to death.  unless there really bad and clueless as to what is going on.  

i personaly jump ^^ martyrdom my friends, u will b remembered as a hero! >:D a stepingstone for the greater good! a soldir laying down their life for the planet they love, a hero, imortilized for all time as a splatered mess on the ground!

Don't you automatically drop it when you fire the jetpack or is that just something from CTF/Griffball?

[quote user="Th3 Tater"]

Don't you automatically drop it when you fire the jetpack or is that just something from CTF/Griffball?


You are correct.