First of all, I haven't played Forza 3 for a while due to playing other games such as TDU2, Dirt2, Dirt3, etc...

I've decided to go back to Forza 3 to try and complete some more chevo before Forza 4 comes out.

I've purchased 2 console (Slim and Elite) : why 2? - Slim is for family and sometimes my friend comes round and we play together as multiplayer. The Elite is my own console where I can play in peace away from my kids! :D

My first install was on the Elite last year, I sometimes have my mates like to race with me via split screen .. we play that ONLY on my Slim (I transfer my profile over via USB Pendrive)

Now I haven't played it for a while and I want to play now on my Elite.  I get this error popup and won't let me continue.


The Forza Motorsport 3 profile you are trying to load is no longer available. Please delete it from the Xbox Dashboard and create a new one."

Don't tell me that I have to start all over again?!? - What's the solution to this please?

I have bought 2 "Forza 3" (Normal and the Ultimate Collection) - Did I get ripped off or what? :s


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I would try posting this on the forums at

Same for FORZA 2!!!!


Failed to create or load save file. The selected device is invalid"

What's going on? :s - Am I missing something?