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Hey everyone! I thought I'd make this post =) In this thread you can introduce yourself and people can react and/or add you. Feel free to post anything about yourself, but keep it appropriate =)
Example: GT: SamxBroski Location: The Netherlands (UTC+01:00) Games I play: Any Call of Duty, GTA V / IV, etc. About me: I'm an Xbox Forum Ambassador. I love helping people. You can always PM me for any questions or make a thread in one of the Support forums for my, a other Ambassadors or a Support Agent's assistance.
For more information about this forum, the other forums and the general forum rules, please visit one of the posts below: Have fun and I hope to read from you =P Regards, SamxBroski

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Hi I am Big B and I have a gaming addiction. Currently foaming at the mouth due to achievement withdrawals.

Hi :) I'm Tinderly

I prefer to play co-ops

I also play MMO's on my PC

Located in the CST of the US

I am also an ambassador in my spare time

-Stay Puft 93                                                                                                                                                                                                            

-I play a lot of different games and i am open to anything. I  can be found playing halo 4 and gta 5 online (when it comes out) almost everyday.

-live in west Texas (mdt)

-i think i am a nice guy, but a bit shy. i spend way to much time online sometimes 0_o. looking for a few more friends :D

Whats up Wimpyy Cactus here lol

I play a bunch of different games

From Pennsylvania, USA

Another ambassador here.  Just like to relax and have some fun make some new friends along the way.

Hello guys ^.^

Hello Tinderly lol

Hey Folks! If you're new to the forums or to this forum, welcome to the forums! Greetz, SamxBroski

aye yo wud up dis ros n friend ya dig

  • GT: Rosko N Friends
  • Location: North America (EST)
  • Games I play: Anything co-op.
  • About me: I like to joke around a lot, so it's best not to take me too serious. I don't care much about winning or losing(I mean I do like winning, but I'm not going to stress about it). As long as fun times are being had, everything is great.

Add me anybody

Gt: Lost1nTim3

Games:a bunch

Personality: chill I guess blah

  • GT: APulseOfDubstep (No, you may not call me other than Dub or Dubstep)
  • Location: Michigan, America
  • Games: Anything not futuristic and anything multiplayer
  • Personality: I can get anger easily but other than that I'm ok with anything. I also like to joke around a lot lol =P I also own a Minecraft build team =]



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* Please try a lower page number.

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