Interview with an ex Rare employee

This makes me sad.  The games that we've missed because of MS and some of their stupid decisions.  MS could have rivaled Sony's first party lineup if they just let Rare be Rare.


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So you're mad because a Kinect game wasn't released? Wow.

^No.  Its because of the games like Killer Instinct 3, Kameo 2, any Conker's sequels and just about any other non kid friendly game that Rare pitched to MS gets denied.  Rare in their hay day was one of the top developers in gaming.  Now look at them and it has nothing to do with the developers, but with what MS allows them to do.

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So you're mad because a Kinect game wasn't released? Wow.

[/quote]It might pay to read the whole article. As well as unnamed mature audience projects that were shelved they also mention Killer instinct 3 not being made because it didn't fit MS's brief for the company.

This doesn't surprise me at all. Seriously, I would love a sequel to Conker's Bad Fur day. "Context-sensitive."

Conker Live and Reloaded was amazing. I even had Sneaker Battles on there lol. Their wasn't alot of people who could beat me in it but some people wanted to challenge me though XD. While I was just standing at an edge in the center. Even one dude joined the game as Sniper and challenging anyone who want to take him on. Man he was a good sniper....

I would love to see a new Conker game or a new Perfect Dark :[

Makes me sad Rare used to be one of my favorite developers.