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We are the Interpol Police Clan on GTA 4 for the Xbox 360

The Interpol Police Clan is a police simulation clan on "Grand Theft Auto IV's" Interpol, "The Ballad of *** Tony". We are the most realistic police clan on Xbox LIVE due to the clan being run by a great person. The clan uses real procedures along with a good set of rules both clan-specific and game-specific. My gamertag is H4nkxH1ll and I created the clan in June 2012 with my good friends AdminScottANTF and UCO SecGen and we like to play the game as it is real. Stopping at red lights and stop signs. We started the clan to play with people who are interested in the same thing. How it works is, a small team of civilians will pretty much do whatever they want during the game while following the laws and rules of the game and clan. The much bigger team of police officers will patrol around the city and pull over people breaking the laws. Breaking the rules will get you kicked out of the game, breaking the laws will get you pulled over and/or arrested. Breaking to many of the laws at a time will get you removed from the game as well. The game mainly takes place on Algonquin but may switch to other islands occasionally. There are many police divisions who are mostly active during game sessions. Such as, City Police, Detective's Bureau and Highway Patrol. Each with their own set of vehicles and different attitudes. You get fined more by Highway Patrol than the City Police. So, I would be careful. Such as, join the Police Department and move up the ranks in their divisions. If you want to join, you must be at least 15 or over, have a working Xbox LIVE headset and a current gold membership. We would be glad to have you join us in our ever expanding clan and very popular game. Feel free, look around the site, read the rules and join us. We think if you are interested by just reading this, you will have a lot of fun during the game itself. We can't wait to hear from you.

 To contact us -

Head Of Interpol - *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

2nd Command - *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

3rd Command - NO EMAIL

4th command - *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Website is -


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Ermm, If I recall, there's always a bigger civilian population than the police population. Just sayin'.