- Are you tired of playing on you're own?

- Are you tired of running about like a headless chicken?

- Do you want to be apart of a clan that communicates and works together as a team?

- Do you want friends who you can play with on a regular basis?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then go to

Tactical Gaming(TG) is an international clan with over 2200 active members. We support many game Franchises such as COD, BF, MoH and many more. We have members who play 360, PS3, and PC. There's something for everyone.

We also have a recruitment video on youtube if you want to check this out? Tactical Gaming has been around since 2004 and it's been getting bigger and better everyday.

So if you're interested in joining a clan that works together and communicates or if you just want some friends to play with, then come on and join :)

We have all kinds of squads ranging from casual players straight up to competitive players. All our players are respectful and mature with all ages, religions, backgrounds, origins and *** and creed.

If you're interested, but have questions, feel free to add me on XBL or just pop me a msg and I'll be glad to help :)

Hope to see you's in our ranks soon

~Evi1 Scotsman


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